Drum Sticks - How To Pick Them

If you don't already know, drum sticks are those wooden long things that a drummer uses to hit the drums with...okay, now that we got that out of the way, lets move on to a more interesting topic: Picking the right sticks, because THAT is important!

Your playing can be affected by sticks that are too small, too skinny, too cheap, too fat etc. So make sure to pick the ones that most fit your playing profile! Here are some tips that can guide you in choosing the right pair of sticks!

What Type Of Music Do You Play?

What type of music do you play? That is important when choosing sticks because if your playing is super heavy then getting a strong pair of sticks like a pair of Ahead 5B's should do the trick.If you play funk or jazz then usually Vic Firth 5A's fit perfect. Check the different music types below, the recommended sticks are right there with them.

Is most of your playing:

1. Funk, Jazz, Light Rock, Latin-Punk, Gospel, Alternative or Regular Home Practice? These are great if you are a light to medium strength hitter.

Try These Out:Vic Firth 5A's

2. Heavy Alternative-Goth-Heavy Metal-Screamo-Hard Rock-Punk-Death Metal: If you are much more of a heavy hitter or play that strong loud, double bass, screaming level, head banging, ear bursting type of music...or if you just have bigger hands, or if you just want heavier sticks then

Try These Out: Vater, Vic Firth, Ahead
You need tough sticks that can take a beating!

Are you a Girl Drummer? Beginner Drummer?

Here are some popular sticks for those "At home drummers" who just need a pair! These are also great for girl drummers since our hands are usually smaller than guys hands. If you need really skinny sticks get size 7A(3rd one to the right). Learn more about the popular Vic Firth Sticks.

I hope this helps. These are all durable sticks that are popular in brand to most drummers. 5A drum sticks are a great size to start off with. These are well known and last a good while. Good wood is used in the making of these sticks like hickory and maple. Now...be OFF! Go!! DRUM!!!