Drumline Movie

Drumline movie can seriously inspire you! It has a lot of snare drumming in it. This movie is based on a drum line as opposed to just playing the standard drum set. In drumlines, the whole percussion unit acts as the complete drum set. Some people will play the snare drum, others will play the bass drum, another group will play the cymbals and others will jam out on their horns. They work together to sound and perform as one which in turn looks super cool!

A Battle In The Movie- Super Good

What I found cool about this movie was that even though I don't play the snare drum by itself, it can give you great ideas to add to your snare drum playing. They play ALOT of snare which, if you get down your drum rudiments, can help make your drumming sound a lot more cooler and complex!

Snare drumming is all about drum rudiments . Drum rudiments are different strokes and hits that can be complex and used around the drum kit. If you get a good grasp on rudiments you can be get really great ideas for super cool beats.

If you are one of those people who HATE rudiments, then this movie can definitely INSPIRE you to press on!

I need this movie to inspire me because I..hate learning rudiments sadly.

My favorite part is when Nick Cannon jams out an insane snare drum solo drums in front of his drum instructor, proving that he's an amazing drummer in front of his drum instructor! He uses insane technique, skill and stick twirling and it gets even better because in the movie it becomes SLOW MOTION to add effect! I actually picked up this solo because they made it become slow motion! I was a totally copy cat because of how awesome it looked. Nick does basic paradiddles and flips his sticks for a crowd pleasing look!

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