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Drumlines are a super cool thing to watch! They aren't like marching bands, they only use percussive instruments. The best thing to illustrate this would be the movie "Drum Line." Drumline was the BOMB! It had excellent drumming in it, excellent rudiments and paradiddles and stick tricks. If you see the movie you will get a better idea as to how this kind of a team works.

There are schools, universities and organizations all across America that include a line of drummers pounding away on different kinds of drums.

Depending on where the team comes from, drumlines usually consists of having a snare drums, tenor and bass drums and cymbals. When they march together in the field or across a street, that group that is marching is called the "battery." Check out some of America's popular percussive lines.

Popular Percussive Lines

So I wrote a couple of universities with drum lines and asked them to fill out a questionnaire. The blue devils filled theirs out and returned it to me and here it is! Why the rest never wrote back...beats me!

The Blue Devils Drum Corp

Fortunately enough I got in contact with Scott Johnson director of percussion for the Blue devils drumline and got some really interesting valuable information from a questionnaire he filled out.

Name of School:

No school: Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, we are a non-profit organization.


I don’t think we have a mascot

Coach/Leader’s name of the drum line:

Scott Johnson Director of Percussion 1994 to present.

Age of the drum line (how long it has been around):

The BD organization has been around for 53 years.

How many instruments are in your drum line: Three: Snare drum, Tenor drums, bass drums.

Name of drum sponsors:

Pearl, Pro-Mark, Evans, Zildjian, Roland, Meinl, Planet Waves.

Percussion brands mainly used:

Same as above.

Does your drum line compete? If so how many victories have they won in the past 5 years?( Brag!!)

Yes, DCI, Drum Corps International is very competitive.

We average 27 shows a year. I think we only lost around 10 in the last 5 years.

What is the PREREQUISITE for joining this drum line( Ex. Note reading, sight reading, ability to write out drum pieces etc.)?

Writing is not required. You do need to know how to read music, and your Rudimentary vocabulary should be endless.

What main performances does your drum line perform for?

We do a few non-competitive gigs throughout the year, but most of the time we are being judged.

Contact Information the BlueDevils:


Email at: scottjohnsondrums.com

If you are in a line or want to represent your line on start-drumming.com, just contact me, you'll fill out a questionnaire and it'll be posted free!

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