Drumming For Beginners

In terms of learning about "drumming for beginners," I will need to take you to the beginning! Playing the drums is fun and I'm sure it is for you because that's why you're here. There are many aspects of drumming and some of them are learning how to choose the right drum sticks, drum sets and cymbals.

On this page you are going to learn how to do all of that because I will either give you the link or give you my top recommendations to make the drumming life a bit easier!

So to start off first! Lets learn what kinds of drum sets are great in terms of drumming for beginners shall we?!

Picking Out A Beginner Drum Set

pdp drum set

Here is an example of a beginner drum set. This one is a PDP Z5.

A beginner drum set is needed to get you started in two ways. One through saving loads of money, and two through giving you a good drum set to learn on.

Getting a proper drum set at the start is important if you don't want to blow all of your money out the window. At least, not when you just starting...He,He,He!

So if you in need of learning how to pick a beginner drum set, the link above is for you. Enjoy!

Choosing Drum Sticks

Next you will need to learn how to Choose Drum Sticks so that you can find the right size.

how to choose drum sticks

Getting the wrong size sticks can result in fatigue to your arm. Cheap sticks or sticks that don't match your playing can lead to the breaking of your sticks prematurely, your drumming not being heard properly, or your drumming being way to loud!

What you want to do is get the sticks that best fit comfortable in your hands as well as one that matches the type of playing that you are...playing!

Choosing Drum Cymbals

For most beginner drum sets you do NOT need to worry about changing drum cymbals because beginner drum sets usually come with their own stock cymbals.

The only problem with a lot of stock cymbals, or cymbals that come with the beginner drum set, is the sound.

BUT! As a beginner drummer you don't need to worry about sound because you need to be focused on just learning the instrument.

In the case that you do decide to buy better drum cymbals I recommend getting good quality name brands that I have listed under Great Drum Cymbals. There is a whole heap great starter cymbals on that page!

Other Beginner Drummer Goodies

Never drummed before?! Get some Free Drum Lessons here!

If you are very budget minded you can look at some really Good Cheap Drum Sets.

If you need help with picking out the right drum set, here are some tips on Buying A Drum Set to help you make the right choice.

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