Drumming For Health

Start drumming for health! Some people might wonder how to do that, but I have come up with some ways that I know would help me break a sweat.

Drumming is fun and it can be tiring. It just depends on what you are playing and how long you are playing it. If you want to do something strenuous~ish then you can do some straight riffs with your double bass pedal and hands.

Some other things that you can do to help yourself break a sweat when drumming are the following...

Drumming For Health Tips

1.) Play in a room with no aircon or fans (of course be safe, don't do it if it's 100+ degrees outside) let it be just you and the room. Have water next to you. It's kind of like working out in a room where the aircon broke. Start Drumming!

2.) Put proper weights on your wrists and ankles, this can also help increase speed. Wrist weights or ankle weights can easily do the trick!

3.) If you can, find drum sticks that are a little bit bigger than the ones you usually use. Play along to your favorite drumming songs with these sticks. You can do a combination of these and the weights.

Using weights is quite popular these days with drummers. They are used to speed up ones speed and longevity. When you play with weights and get used to it, you can almost breeze through the same pattern when you take the weights off.

Once again, be safe when trying these things out, don't over do it. Breaking a sweat is healthy, especially if you are not active in your life. This way you can do it with something that you enjoy doing, drumming! At the same time you will gain speed and endurance with the last 2 activities, so keep it up and play it safe!

If you Don't know how to play the drums you'll be interested to know that it can help as a work out...or a type of workout.

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