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Drumming videos, I don't know about you, but I do know about me, and that is when I want to learn new things about the drums, I like to watch them in Dvd form!

I wish I could watch them live but since I can't, I'll have to pull up a chair, break out some popcorn, sit back and relax to watch one of my favorite drummers play!...

Well No, I don't usually sit back and relax while watching my favorite drummer play, I'm usually GLUED to the T.V screen with popcorn still in my hand, my mouth hanging half open, and the popcorn getting cold while I watch!

In their drumming videos, You see them do their awesome drum rolls, fill-ins, stick tricks, monster drum pedal technique, do a drum solo, or compete with another drummers drum solo etc! And then it's off to my drum set to play what I have watched...or try to play what I have watched! I have been inspired! And now I want to play!

Here are some Dvds that have inspired me! I added in one of my recommendations for the beginner drummer as well!

Dvds That Inspire and Teach

The Drumming DVDs that made the popcorn go Cold in My hand!

Thomas Lang Creative Control had me going for hours. It is like 6-7 hours long! It has PDF files so that you can access the drum notes, loops to slow down the music, break down of his playing such as his amazing double bass pedal technique, stick tricks. He also breaks down the songs that he plays like ''Batti I respiri.'' Trust me it is worth it, it Teaches you A LOT!

As for the popcorn? Forget's cold, you shouldn't have even popped it!

If your a beginner drummer, I would recommend these Drumming Videos instead of Thomas Lang...

Tommy goes through the basics and breaks down how to play the drums properly and he makes it quite fun! And to top that off, this is 6 hours long! If I were still a beginner, this is where I'd start!

The popcorn you had?...You ate a few, the rest was forgotten because of all the information you just gained!

Tommy Igoe: Getting Started on Drums/Groove Essentials is good for the beginner drummer. My friend turned me on to one of the drum teachers on our island and a lot of his students get Tommy Igoe.

Rock Drum Videos for The Beginner

Mike Michalkow's Rock Drumming System! If you are a beginner drummer in a rock band or you just like rock, here is a complete set that will teach you all you need to know about rock drumming!It has the complete beginner to professional seasons included.

It even has my Favorite Drum-Play-Along's. I love to play along to songs with no drums because I am the drummer! It's just an absolute complete all in one for rock drum pack!

Popcorn Level?... Give it away to someone else. You will be learning, learning and learning! And I mean LEARNING!

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