by Brandon
(Reading, PA USA)

I am selling my DW Hand Crafted Collector's Series Drumkit because I am not active in a band anymore. The drums themselves are barely used and in very good condition. The only time I have had these drums out of the cases is when I have been playing. Cymbals and hardware are in moderate condition as they have had a bit more wear on them over the years. Pics of drumkit assembled do not include smallest Tom because I do not have a stand for it, but the smallest Tom is being included in the entire package that is for sale. If you are interested in anything on the list, email me and we can negotiate a price. I am willing to be very flexible on price. The package includes:

Mapex Drum Seat/Throne
Drum Microphones (6) - combination of old worn mics plus newer SHURE mics
Three Bass Pedals
14 inch B8 Sabian Hi-Hat with stand
18 inch Avedis Zildjian Medium Thin Crash Cymbal with stand
18 inch B8 Sabian Rock Crash Cymbal with small crack, included is a stand
20 inch Avedis Zildjian Crash Ride with boom stand
21 inch Sabian Ride Cymbal with boom stand
10 inch tom with DW factory heads
12 inch tom with Evans hydraulic heads
14 inch floor tom with Evans Hydraulic heads
14 inch Pearl Masters Snare Drum with Evans head
22 inch Bass Drum with Evans Hydraulic head
14 inch Yamaha Snare Drum - one internal bolt is missing (fixable)
Five soft Travel Cases for the drums
One Hard travel case for the hardware
One hard travel case for the cymbals
I will also include all the extra drumheads, used and spare that I have

Looking forward to negotiating with you soon!

PS I have pictures of everything that I could email you

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