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Kids who want to play the drums need a drum set that is made for kids. Who ever thought that there could be real drums for kids?! The good news is that there is, but there are good ones and "toy junkie" ones. I will make sure that you know which ones are quality and which ones are not! Also, be aware of which type of drum set you will be wanting to get your child, a toy drum set or a real kids drum set.

Reasons To Get A Real Kids Drum Set

If you are parent who is serious about helping your child excel in music, getting them a real instrument is half of the job. If you get your child a real kids drum set you are telling them two things...

1. You are serious about their music education.

2. You want to see them excel, that's why you invested. They can see that you care about their musical likes!

Of course, if a toy drum is all you can start off with, then its definitely better then having nothing at all.

Top Kids Drum Sets

For those parents who are serious about getting their child( ages 3-7) a real kids drum set, I will list complete kids drum sets that are the real deal. These are not toys, they are actual scaled down versions of the real drum thing.

Here are two(2) of the top quality kids drum sets out there today.

The Pulse Junior Drum Set is one of the real kids drum sets that are complete and durable. This is a great starter set for young kids.

The Ddrum kids drum set is also very popular! I LOVE this little drum set, to me it ranks super high. This set is real, no questions, no toys, no fake parts to it. Ddrum is known for it's strength and quality.

You can also choose from the next top 3 choices in drums for kids. They are the First Act kids drum set, the Ludwig kids drum set, and the Union kids drum set . These are all great sets and come highly recommended by me.

Remember, these kits are good for the ages of 3 to around 7 or 8 years of age.

What About Babies And Big Kids Who Want To Drum? Don't Leave Them Out!

It is up to the parent however whether or not they will choose to get their child a toy drum set or an actual real kids drum set like ones listed on this page.

I created an "Age Chart" to help you choose(based on age) what to get your child.

* BABIES: 6 months- 2 years old. They do not fit in the drums for kids category but babies and young toddlers can start off with something percussion related like a One Piece Toy Drum. It's something to get them started on. These cute little one piece drums are good enough for you to start singing lullaby's and rhymes on! Actually, if you play music and teach them how to tap you will be SURPRISED at the rhythm that they already have inside of them!

kids drum sets

* LITTLE KIDS: 3-7 years old can start off with actual real drums for kids just like the ones I mentioned above. The Ludwig kids drum set, Union kids drum set and First Act are all real Kids Drum Sets. These are great kids sets as well as the ones that I mentioned above. They really are duplicates in a smaller form, of the real thing!

* BIG KIDS, TEENS and ADULTS- Ages 8 and above need a stronger kit that can handle more weight and strength. This is why 8 year old's are a bit too big for a kids set. They along with adults can check out any beginner drum set or youth drum set.

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