Cool Monthly Ezine Drum Beats

All of our new monthly ezine drum beats will be here at this page.

The video quality will eventually get better I promise, and it won't be on you tube either. I just don't have a "middle man" to publish my videos online yet. But one is soon to come!

If you need help with learning any of these beats just let me know. Let me know if there is a special drum lesson that your are interested in as well.

And lastly before you go off and try out your new beat of the month, I know we have some GIRL Drummers here so if your a girl drummer and your interested you can post a little bit about yourself and your drumming here.

Other than that...ENJOY!

July's "Oh Yeah!"

August's " I Think I'm Bad!"

September: How to play your bass drum foot faster than your hi-hat hand

October's Drum Beat

November: This One Is Fun!

More In-depth Look at November's Drum Beat

Novembers Drum Beat

December Drum Beat

January Drum Beat- Triplets

1,2,3 can also be looked at as your hands doing Left Right Left Right Left Right. The pattern would RLR LRL RLR LRL etc.
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