by Frank
(Hanson, MA, USA)

Dear Laura,

I tried using a double kick pedal not long ago, but there is one problem. I'm not ready to double kick yet. Instead, I bought a DW5000 single kick pedal and I love it. Still can get the beat going with a DW5000. DW is the leading drum pedals and has great name whe it come to the drum pedals.
Can you do me a favor on how to learn to double kick with a double kick pedal video. It will be great for others to learn to double kick.

I'm still playing the drums on a daily basis so it has improve for me. Practice takes time.
I'm also watching the videos on how to improve the drumming videos, it's working for me. Great job Laura on the videos. WIthout you Laura, I would never happen.
Laura, you are my best friend and helping me improve on the drums is giving me a chance to make it better.
Look forward from hearing from you and take care.

From one drummer to another,
Frank Coyne

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