It Is Important To Know What A Full Drum Set Is!

A full drum set is a drum set that comes complete with everything that a beginner drummer needs to start playing the drums. It's one of those "out of the box" ready to go type things. It's basically a complete drum set!

Parts Of A Complete Drum Set

A complete drum set should come with:

* Hardware: 1 cymbal stand, 1 Hi-hat stand, 1 Snare Stand, 1 Bass drum pedal

* 1 Snare drum

* 2 High Toms, 1- Floor Tom

* 1 Bass Drum

* Most beginner drum sets come with hardware and hopefully some drum cymbals. When looking at the hardware-throne, pedal, stands etc, you want to make sure the quality is good. Double braced hardware is the best. In terms of the drum sets cymbals, most come with stock Drum cymbals These are basic cymbals(Generic brands like Pearl, Sunlite) that come included with the set. They are usually the Hi-hat and crash cymbals.

Now, when looking down at the drum set below-Counting the parts of the whole drum set, without the cymbals or hardware, is considered to be a 5 Piece drum set. Meaning 1-Snare drum, 2-Toms, 1-Floor Tom, 1-Bass drum.

full drum set

When someone says to you I have a 5 piece drum set or a 7 piece drum set, they are counting "drums." Not the cymbals and not the hardware.

A full drum set basically is everything on that drum set pictured above except the ride cymbal. If you are a beginner drummer you don't need that just yet, you can learn without it.

It is important to know what comes with a complete drum set so that you don't end up spending a fortune making it complete. Beginner drum sets that are ''out of the box'' are usually ready to play!

When you understand this, you save money. You learn about Beginner drum sets and what they should come with. Remember this, ESPECIALLY if you are buying a used drum set.

Complete 4 Piece Drum Set Example

This set is still considered to be a full set because it consists of everything that you need to properly play.

Yes, it is "missing" 1 of its Toms, but in technicality, you don't really need 2 toms. One can suffice, hence, you still have a complete drum set.

full drum set

If you are a beginner drummer, a Pearl Beginner drum set is a full set as well as a very popular set. With Pearl you don't have to worry... Just play!

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