Full Drum Set

by Erik Cifrian
(Fairfax, Vermont, U.S.)

A black full drum set that is starcaster by fender. I got them as a gift years ago and, being they are loud, barely played them. They have been not used in over a year and have been kept in storage in my basement, and i have just recently moved them to the garage to be sold. I recently came across them and want to sell them. They still sound great!

I have no drum knowledge, so if they have to be tuned or something (i dont know if drums get tuned) then i am not aware of that, but to me, they sound great. Im asking $225 for them, but am willing to negotiate and consider other offers. If you look in the attached photos, they are in great condition and have no damage at all.

If anything the only damage is a few marks on the drum faces from where i played them before, but those are easily replaced and they are not close to breaking in any way. The rest of the drums are spotless. No marks. No rust. No cracks. Nothing. I am only 18 and live in a small town in Vermont, i do not have huge resources to pay for shipping.

So if shipping is required either i will have to take time to figure it out, or you will have to pay for it. I will, however, try my best to handle that aspect.

You can contact me at 802-383-8108, however understand i may not be able to answer so a text or voicemail will be fine. And you can email me at: icecifrian@gmail.com

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