Learn How To Choose Drum Sticks

Picking out your first pair of drum sticks can seem scary. You don't really know which one to choose and choosing the wrong ones can cause problems.

Good sticks will last you while bad ones can break, dent and chip easily. If you get the wrong size it can cause fatigue in your forearm and if you get ones that are to light, the power behind your playing can suffer...

Drum sticks do play an important role in your playing. They do a variety of things that you might have already figure out.

I am here to help you pick out the right ones!!

Which Category Do You FIt Under?

Which Category Do You Fit Under?


-Play Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk, Goth ( Basically loud hard drumming)

-Play mostly with Arm Power

-Need a lot of Power behind drumming

-Bigger hands

I recommend trying out something with a BEEFIER shoulder such as Ahead 5B. These sticks are strong! Joey Jordison from Slipnot uses Ahead... it be interesting to know if you could break them!


- Play more with technique

-More into music that isn't heavy metal, screamo, double bass, metal, death metal etc.

- Are a girl( need less heavy sticks)

- Have smaller hands

I Recommend trying out the popular size 5A drum sticks

Extra Tips On How To Choose Drum Sticks

I made up some questions that you can ask yourself, to see which drum stick best suits your drumming needs. Find the question that lines up to your drumming, and see the correlating stick! Be Honest! How to choose drum sticks? Look below!

1. Do you play mostly Jazz music? Try a Vic Firth 5A

2. Do you play mostly with strength and arm power? Heavy hitting? Try the heavy metal brand Ahead Drum Sticks

3. Do you play mostly with technique(Using mostly wrist and fingers? Kind of like Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews)Try a Vic Firth 5A

Still Can't Figure It Out? Try These Extra Extra Ideas!

IDEAS for how to choose drum sticks:

*Look up your favorite "Idol" drummer, What does he/she play with? Maybe you can copy him/her!

* Make sure you have a comfortable feel with your sticks.

* Pick up the different kinds of drum sticks at a music store.

* Touch, Hold and Feel and Notice the different brands and sizes.

* Test out the differences in the popular brands of drum sticks such as Vic Firth, Vater, Ahead, Pro mark, Zildjian

* Find which SOUND you like more, your choice of a NYLON or a WOOD tip. To me, nylon gives a More Clean, Clear Cymbal definition

The Pros of Finding the Right Drum Stick

* Help the longevity of your playing

* Give you less lower and upper arm pain

* Work with you to compliment the music instead of sounding too loud or too soft.

* Last longer if you match it to the style of music you play

* Help you find the balance between hit strokes and bounce strokes

So right away we see that drum sticks do play an important role in our drumming.

** Keep in mind that What Matters MOST when picking you're drum sticks, is that they feel Comfortable when you're using them!

Need More Help Finding Your Sticks?

Ask me, I'd love to help!

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