Learn how to play the drums

So you want to learn how to play the drums huh?! Drumming is super fun and it's one of the most popular instruments out there(see my bias!) Before we get anywhere else, read through the stuff I wrote and learn the different things about the drum set. Things like learning how to pick the right drum set, drum sticks and so on. After that, go all the way down and I can help start you off with learning how to drum with some Free drum lessons!

Here is Your Basic Drum set Posture

*Sitting: Sit at an almost 90 degree angle, feet on the pedals, back straight.

*Right Hand with drum stick: Crossed over to your hi-hat stand.

*Left Hand with drum stick: The tip is in the middle of your snare, a 1/2 inch up from the snare drum head.

*Right Foot: On bass drum pedal

*Left Foot: On Hi-hat stand pedal.

What Goes In To Drumming?

Drumming is alot more than getting on a drum set and playing. Learning how to play the drums includes just a little bit more than that. If that is all you want to do, scroll down and sign up for free drum lessons. If you want to learn a whole bunch of other stuff and get yourself "armed" with good information, keep reading!

1.) So, FIRST OFF! Get acquainted with the Set-up of the drum set- Learn the names and different parts so that watching videos and reading drum notes become easier for you.

2.) If you currently do not have a drum set, you will need one...Learning how to pick the best cheapest beginner drum set is important. It saves you money and confusion! If this is where you need to start, check out some top quality Beginner drum sets, a Starter Drum Set,.

If you are looking to save, pick up a used drum set. Watch the video that I made on Buying a Used Drum Set."

If you are unsure of the different brands and drum sets out there, you can check out what I consider to be the Best Drum Sets, this will save you a lot of time.

Can't Afford A Drum Set?...

If you have no way of getting a drum set of your own, I suggest...Get CREATIVE! Build one until you can afford one! I DID!!

3.) Pick up a pair of Drum sticks

4.) If you can count to Four(4), then pick up some Beginner drum lessons!

Extra Drumming Tips-Kids, Girl Drummers, Etc

If you are trying to get a young child to learn how to play the drums, then it is recommended to get a Kids Drum Set. These kits are made to fit their small size. For the ages of about 3-11.

If you are a girl drummer don't be afraid to drum, just join in!

If you need your drums to be QUIET you will need to dampen their sound, for that you will need Drum Mutes.

If you are already a beginner drummer, make sure not to over abuse your wrists, hands, arms and legs. Stay away from Drumming Injuries especially while learning how to drum. The neat thing about drumming is that it uses all of our limbs, this in turn can help us bust out a healthy sweat from drumming! It's neat because we can do what we love and exercise!


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