Joey Jordison

by Rakshit Jordison

He's the drummer of the band slipknot, he is given No.1 position in the band as he is one of the most influencing members of slipknot. He used to play for Murder Dolls as the lead guitarist. He played in the prestigious album roadrunner united and was one of the team leaders of the composers of the album.

Joey Jordison uses a pearl masters black finish double bass drum kit with paiste cymbals and iron cobra double pedals; his style of playing is marked by really quick and fast double bass and tom rolls know as quads.He used to play for a jazz band in his high school and one can make out influence of jazz in his musical style.

Slipknot are the founders of a new genre called Nu-Metal marked by heavy metal drumming patterns, low tuned guitars to scale drop b and screaming vocals with some rap, they even incorporated hip hop beats and patterns accomplished by a DJ.

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