Joey Jordison!!!

by Just call me DOM
(Phoenix Arizona)

He has inspired one of my many techniques of playing drums. I started as a church drummer in a eastern southern black gospel church haha..

Slipknot was the first metal band I ever heard...I was so intriged by the drums that I looked into him and his music when I moved to Arizona. I literally devoted my life to metal and vowed nothing could or will get in between me and playing.

I was in a successful band for awhile called the "Sons of Seven." Look em up even tho im not in band anymore but just reconize me as the black drummer in the old videos..but Joey jordison started it all for me and other drummers like Lars Ulrich, Chris Adler and the drummer for Korn. I hardly remember his name but they all inspired me to do what I do now and I love them because of it hahaha!

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