A Jr Drum Set - Great For Kids!

Do you have a young child or know a young child that wants to play the drums?! Usually these type of kids are always tapping around, or creating a beat when music is playing and you stand back and watch with amazement at their rhythm!

Then you think to yourself..."I think we should we get Johnny/Sally a drum set!"

A jr drum set is needed for kids between the ages of 3-8 years old. If your child wants to learn how to play the drums, getting them a real drum set for kids is important. It comes complete with every part necessary and cuts out any unnecessary strain because the size fits their age! A real Jr. kids drum set eliminates reaching problems!

Junior Drum Set In Action!

Here is a real good kids drum set. This one is a Union Drum Set.

A Jr.Drum Set Can

* Gets the Child Off to a Musical Start at A Young Age

* Saves Space

* Eliminates Reaching Problems

* Comes Complete With All The Important Parts

If your child is a bit TALLER than the average 8-9 year old, He/She May Need a Regular Beginner Drum Set.

Some eight year old's are bigger than other eight year old's so the final decision is up to the parents. A jr drum set has smaller toms, a smaller bass drum, smaller cymbals, smaller pedals and smaller sticks.

If your child is a bit taller or a bit bigger than the average eight year old you might want to look into getting him or her a cheap beginner drum set. This will last them for a long time. If you put bigger kids on these kinds of sets the drum set will break much quicker than intended. They are not built for heavy hitters or heavy weight. The power of an 11 or 12 year old can easily damage the skins and bend the cymbals.

If your child is genuinely interested in playing the drums, a junior set of drums is a good way to go. They are cheaper and they are the real thing. The kids drum sets that I have on this page are literally real drum sets scaled down to kids size. Popular drum makers like Ludwig, Union, PDP and some other popular brands made them. These kids sets are not toys. If you think that your child is more into the discovering stage then a toy drum set might be what you need.

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