Junior Drum Set - Great For Young Kids

A junior drum set is a drum set that is made for kids between the ages of 3-9. Sometimes the specs will say that these kits can go up to the age 11, but I wouldn't push it. A real kids drum set, like a junior set, comes with all the necessary parts that are needed for a child to learn how to play the drums.

It is important that the drum set is a real kids drum set and not a toy if you want your child to learn to play properly.

What Is A Junior Kids Drum Set?

A real junior kids drum set stands out from the rest of "kids instruments." Its great in that it comes with all of the real parts that a regular drum set comes with.

A real kids drum set should have real drum heads, a pretty good crash cymbal and can withstand the drumming of a child between the ages of 3-11. Meaning, it's not a toy and it shouldn't look like a toy!

It has a hi hat stand with cymbals, a bass pedal, a snare drum, a bass drum, tom toms, a throne and sticks. It's built to last for a young person! Toy drum sets don't have those essential parts. Picking your child's favorite color of drums can also help inspire and spur their imagination with the drums.

** I posted some GREAT kids drum sets along the side of this page for your helpful information

Benefits In Starting Young Kids On An Instrument

There are many benefits that are reaped when you start someone young in a trade, a talent, or a skill. Many, many professionals these days testify of starting out young in what they do professionally now. Things like dancing, ballet, swimming, singing, piano playing, drumming, cooking, painting etc. Catching them young can have it's major points!

1. They can develop a trained and disciplined mind from practicing.

2. It can lead them to a good job when they grow up.

3.It's better than wasting away on video games, t.v and junk food.

4. They can help others with their talent such as school performances, community gatherings, church functions etc.

Really consider if your young one wants to play, help them grow their talent!

Babies and younger toddlers can start their percussive future off by using toy drums.

5 Year Old Using A Real Kids Drum Set

Here is a Union junior drum set. It is definitely one of the ones that come highly recommended by me.

The box will tell you that this kit is for ages 3-11, but because of height and weight some 10 and 11 year old's might be to big. Parents you have to be the one to call it on this one. This example came from a You Tube friend of mine, this is her son!

Great Junior Drum Sets

So here is the exact same drum set as the one I posted above with the child playing. A Union kids drum set is a great kids starter set!

The rest of these BOMB kids drum sets are posted along the right side column. There are different brands and different colors but they ALL come highly recommended by me!

Lastly, here are TKO Kids Drum Sets. I love the color and design set up of these kids sets! They are...quite cool! These are full sized kids drum sets and they are strong.

Remember, A Good junior drum set is one that is complete. Many of the kids drum sets sold around are either made out of some sort of plastic, or are incomplete on purpose. If you really want your child to learn the drums then you will need to avoid those kinds of drum sets which is why I put up my recommendations for real junior kids drum sets.Check out some of the other top Kids Drum Sets .

Learn more about Ludwig kids drum sets or First Act kids drum sets.

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