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So your child comes to you and says that they are interested in the drums! Great!! Starting them off in the world of talent and music at a young age is beneficial and productive. And with that spark of interest comes a need for research... "What Drum set do I get?!... Where do I get it?!... What kind of set do I pick?!... How much does it cost?! ...But now you can rest your head because it's my job to lead you in the right direction!

A Kids junior drum set can come in three different forms. Those are either incomplete drum sets, a toy drum set or the real thing which is a literal kids drum set made by professionals. I have posted up my TOP PICKS of kids sets! These kits are great for the ages of about 3-8.

Importance Of A Kids Sized Set of Drums

Having your child play on a real junior drum set is important because it helps with their small size. A young child usually isn't big enough to reach all of the different drum parts on a standard sized set. The good thing about a real kids drum set is that the quality isn't compromised because all the parts are there and so is the quality. A real drum set for kids can be a real motivator for a child with a real interest.

If you are serious about your child learning the drums then you'd get them a real one. Being that these sets are not a toy gives you as a parent or teacher a real chance to teach them.

Here are my top recommendations in drum sets for kids between the ages of 3-8. Taken from experience as a drummer and as a teacher.

Top Junior Drum Sets Recommendations

These are on the TOP of my junior drum sets list! Also, the right side column drum sets come highly recommended by me as well! They are quality, and complete. They are not toys.

Ddrum JR Complete 5pc drum set. This one is an excellent little drum set. It has everything that is needed for learning. It is durable as well.

GP Child Size Junior Drum Set is another great kids set. Strong, durable and real!

The Ludwig Junior Drum Set is my personal favorite. I've seen this one in action. Ludwig makes real drumsets just like Ddrum does(The one in blue above). These drum makers make real, real, real cool kids drum sets!

Toddler drum sets are pretty much the same as these unless you are shooting to give your toddler a Toy Drum.

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