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When young kids want to learn the drums a lot of time parents don't really know where to start. When a child or a toddler wants to learn the drums the first thing that we need to consider is their age. Is it a baby that we want to teach? Or Is it a toddler or a young kid between the ages of 4-9?

Either way we need to help keep the fire of inspiration alive in these young people! They maybe the next Buddy Rich or Thomas Lang.

The Age of the child matters because it gives insight to what they are developmentally able to accomplish. If they are between the ages of 4-9, real kids drum sets are what I would recommend.

You want them to pick up an instrument and learn it the right way first, instead of letting them see their passion as just a toy. Because of their smaller stature, they will need a drum set that is scaled down to their size but one that doesn't take away any essential drumming parts.

The drum sets are recommended by These kids drum sets are complete and real(not toys).

Kid Drummers

I've met more than one kid who was privileged to start playing an instrument young. They do seem to have an advantage especially if they were trained. Starting kids off young is many times a good thing. They get ahead faster, and you are giving them something else to do besides watch T.V or play videos games.

Learning an instrument takes dedication and it teaches discipline. If they have the drive to be the best in something an instrument will definitely help them get there.

Don't forget that kids sets need to come with Kids Drum Sticks if they don't already. These sticks are made for smaller hands and they are lighter in weight. It's great for the younger kids, it also helps stop unnecessary fatigue.

Ideas For Babies

Babies should start out with learning rhythm. Do things with them like teach them to clap along with a song, bounce them on your lap to help them feel as well as get used to rhythmic patterns. There are no literal "drum sets" out there for babies ages 0-2, but there are one piece toy drums.

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