LUDWIG Drum Set Mid 90's Classic Series Maple COMPLETE PRO SETUP

by Art
(Andover, NH USA)


A 5 piece Ludwig "Classic" kit in the following sizes:
26"x16" (VIRGIN) kick (in Emerald Shadow)
14"x12" (VIRGIN) rack tom (in Emerald Shadow)
16"x16" floor tom (in Emerald Shadow)
18"x16" floor tom (in Emerald Shadow)
14"x8" wood Ludwig classic snare (in Emerald Shadow)(42 Strand Snare)

14"x6 ½" Ludwig Chrome SupraPhonic LM402 (42 Strand Snare) W/die cast hoops.

"Zildjian" & "Paiste" as follows:
15" 2002 Sound Edge hi-hat (Paiste)
16" A Custom crash (Zildjian)
17" Z3 crash (Zildjian)
18" Z3 crash(Zildjian)
20" 2002 medium crash (Paiste)
24" 2002 ride (Paiste)

LP Rock Classic "Ridge Rider" cowbell W/mount

Rhythym Tech Drum Set Tambourine W/mount

All DW (Drum Workshop)
9000 Series Bass Drum Double Pedals
9500 Model Hi Hat Stand
(5) 9700 Cymbal Stands
(1) 9300 Snare Stand (for virgin rack tom)
(1) 9300L (low) Snare Stand (for snare drums)

~ SEAT ~
Roc-N-Soc Nitro Rider Gas Throne (Hugger model)

~ MICS ~
(4) Sennheiser Evolution E 604 (for snares and toms)(with tom/snare clips-mounts)(with cables)
(1) Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic (with stand)(with cable)
(1) AKG C 3000B large-diaphragm cardioid mic (for overheads)(with stand)(with cable)
(1) Shure SM 57

Humes & Berg "Enduro" series hard drum cases(for all drums & hardware)
DW (Drum Workshop) hard case for the pedals
Paiste 24" cymbal bag/Zildjian Large Stick Bag(with used Zildjian "Black Dip" Rock size sticks)

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