Ludwig Drum Set For Kids

I've dedicated this page to Ludwig sets that are made for kids. Of course Ludwig makes regular standard sized drum sets, and they are really good drum sets, but I want to focus on how amazing they make their kids drum sets!

Ludwig kids drum sets are drum sets made for kids between the ages of 3-11. It's a brand name drum set maker and they make kids sets that are exactly like the real thing only scaled down. These sets are scaled down so that young children are able to reach the different drum parts properly. Without that smaller size, kids can get fatigued and have reaching problems.

Ludwig Drumset Comparison: Kids vs. Adult sets

Take a look at how much alike these drum sets are! To me its absolutely amazing! A Ludwig drum set for kids are actually the best kids drum sets on the market. The kids drum set has a real cymbal and real toms that are just smaller. The drum pedal and the hi hat are just like the real drum set on the right. NEAT!

Child's Set for Ages 3-11

Adult Standard Drum Set

Ludwig kids drum set

That's why I love the Ludwig sets for kids, it's an adorable cop out of the real thing! Ludwig is definitely something to think about when you are getting your child a kids drum set!

There are other options that parents can go for after they find out that their child wants to play the drums/aren't really sure that their child is interested in the drums. That option is to look into toy drum sets.

There are HUGE BENEFITS to getting kids started on an instrument young. Getting a Kids Drum Set can benefit a young child because it can help them get started in the music world. It's a much better habit and discipline to form than playing video games!

There are different brands of real kids drums out there that I would still recommend such as Union Kids Drum Set, and First Act. If you are more budget minded, these kids drum sets are the way to go.

No matter what I write, Ludwig stays number 1 for kids drum sets! I love the Ludwig drum set for kids because of the way that Ludwig fashioned it. It's sturdy and an amazing junior replica of a real standard sized drum set.

They are a perfect copy cat of the big kits that are out there. Their imitation is right on. When you want to teach an instrument to someone you have to give them the real thing.

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