Ludwig Drums

Playing ludwig drums can be a good choice. I have personally played on ludwig kits before and I have found their hardware and sound to be quite good.

For a beginner and/or intermediate drummer, a Ludwig Accent drum set would be a good choice because of it's hardware and shells.

For a complete beginner drummer, the Ludwig pinnacle would be a good starters choice. Other drum sets for the intermediate and beginner drummer would include the Ludwig Element, and the Ludwig Accent CS.

When starting out in playing the drums, you've got to know what you are looking for in terms of quality. To make it easier, I have put up some recommendations that I would recommend to any beginner or intermediate drummer.

Good Ludwig Beginner Drumsets

Here is the Ludwig Pinnacle, it's a great starter set and its price range is not bad at all. The quality is good for its price range.

This is a Ludwig LC accent, it's great for beginners or intermediate drummers as well. To me, the black rims make it hot!

Here is a Ludwig Element, also good for beginner and intermediate drummers. Ludwig offers a lot of variety in colors and quality levels.

They also sell amazing kids drum sets for the ages of 3-8. These kits are not toys, they are the real thing, I appreciate Ludwig for making a real kids drum set instead of a toy.

Ludwig's Beginner to Intermediate Drum Sets

Now to take it a step up in the level of quality, talent and sound here are some of my recommendations for intermediate drummers, or drummers who plan to use their drum sets in a band.

Here is the Ludwig Lr. from ludwig drums. It's a great drum set for reals. This one has a really nice satin finish, the one that I own has a high gloss finish but this one is excellent.

When it comes to choosing ludwig drums they are one of those choices that you can't go wrong on no matter which drum set that you choose. They give good quality in hardware and sound and it just gets better the higher up that you go. They are a very trustworthy brand unlike some of the brands out there so I hope this helps.

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