Pacific LX by Drum Workshop Drum Kit and cymbals

by Jordan Cain
(Yulee Florida)

This is a beautiful finished maple drum set, which is for sale immediately. It features an amazing suspension system for the toms, which allows them to "float" and prevents knocking. I am willing to negotiate when it comes to the price just ask. What I am selling includes the following.

18x22 Kick
12x14 Floor Tom (With Evans Hydraulic Head)
9x12 Rack Tom
8x10 Rack Tom (With Evans Hydraulic Head)
5.5x14 Snare (With Evans EC Reverse Dot Head)

1 Pacific Brand cymbal stand (with floor tom mount)
1 Double rack tom mount
1 Pacific snare stand
1 Tama cymbal stand
1 CB cymbal stand
1 PDP High Hat Stand

1 Set of 14" Paiste Medium-Light Hi-Hats (Valued at over $300)
1 8" Wuhan Splash
1 10" Wuhan Splash

1 PDP Electric Blue throne
1 Pacific Bass Drum Pedal

I'm including soft cases for the Bass Drum, the snare, and 2 of the toms. I'm also including a bag to carry the hardware.

This kit has minimal cosmetic flaws, and plays beautifully, it is very professional. I am moving soon, so this must go fast! If you are interested at all please give me a call, and we can work out a deal!

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