Different pearl bass drum pedals

There are many different types of bass pedals out there but pearl bass drum pedals are really good in terms of quality and longevity.

Pearl came out with a line of pedals as well as double bass pedals all ranging from the beginner budget minded person to the extreme drummer who does some serious pounding with his/her pedal.

Pearl's Single Bass Pedals

These are Pearl's pedals from beginner to professional.

Pearl bass drum pedal P-100

Here is the Pearl P-100. It is good for a beginner drummers first pedal. The next level of a quality drum pedal would be the Pearl power shifter.

Pearl bass pedal

The Pearl P-900 is a power shifter pedal. This pedal is super excellent for its price range. It's very durable, it's adjustable and it's smooth.

The power shifter is the back part of the pedal, it is able to be adjusted. You can push the pedal plate forward for more power or backward for a more lighter feel.

pearl bass pedal

The Pearl Eliminator takes the previous power shifter a step forward. This pedal has the power shifter plate, but it also has cams(the red thing above the chain).

These cams provide different feels and can be swapped out for the colors Blue-starts off light and accelerates, Red-great response, Black-linear feel, White-linear but lighter, Yellow-good for strength and power and Purple-high response.

This pedal is super highly adjustable

demon drive

The Pearl Demon drive is just absolutely the epitome of adjustability, speed, smoothness and quality.This is pearls highest pedal so far.

So as you can see, bass drum pedals from Pearl offer great quality, durability and adjustability.

demon drive

Aside from pedals, Pearl makes double bass drum sets, and excellent beginner drum sets.

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