Pearl Double Bass Drum Set

A pearl double bass drum set is an excellent place to start if you are into playing double bass. Double bass is where you have either 2 bass drums, or a double bass pedal, either way when used properly it doubles the speed of your bass drum and it can sound really awesome!

Bands like Metallica use this kind of style. If you are just learning how to play the drums but you know you want to learn this style, then you can start with a double bass drum set, and a pearl double bass set would be a good choice.

Double bass is a popular style of drumming and Pearl knew this of course. You could go with the style of two bass drums or just choose a double bass pedal, and play it on your beginner drum set.

Here are some pearl double bass drum sets below

To me Pearl is one of my Top choices since I have been playing drums for a while already. I enjoy their quality they have never let me down.

Here is a standard pearl double bass drum set from the line Pearl Forum. This is a great set in quality. Since I have played pearl they have NEVER let me down in terms of quality, sound, and hardware. I love it!

Here is a double bass drum set from pearl, but this one takes on after the band Slipknot whose drummer is Joey Jordison. That's another cool thing about playing the drums, you can customize your bass drum picture to whatever you might find on the internet. Maybe to your favorite band, brand, etc!

This beauty is probably expensive. I threw it in so that you could see Pearls design style and quality!

Take a look at the hardware for ALL the drums on this page, it is double braced meaning it has two metal bars per leg for each leg. That is what holds up there stands. Other brands might just have one, 3 legs yes, but only one bar of metal per leg, that is called single braced. This gives you an idea of how far Pearl drums go with quality! It is exciting!

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