Pearl Export Drums Are Great But Have Been Replaced...!

pearl export drums

I know how much of a shocker it is to find out that pearl has discontinued their pearl export drums series. I was shocked as well!

BUT! The good news is that pearl has come through with a drum set that fills the gap between the Pearl Forum drum set all the way to the Pearl Master series.

That means that this new drum set that they came out with has to fill the shoes of the

Pearl Export... Export Select...and the...Pearl Session!!

Do you know what they came out with?!

The NEW and IMPROVED Export Drumset is Called...

The Pearl VISION Series and I have one!

pearl export drums

The Pearl Vision Drum Set is even MORE awesome, it has:

* Great and I mean GREAT sounding toms.

* Excellent P900 series hardware.

* Beautiful finishes to choose from.

* Great wood shells- Maple, Birch, Basswood.

Once again pearl in my opinion Over Delivered, even with pearls beginner drum sets they over deliver.

So all of you Pearl Drum Lovers don't worry. The Pearl Vision is a super awesome drum set. I love the sound. It's goodbye to the Pearl export and the Export Select, but it's Hello to the Pearl Vision! Of course there are other drum sets out there but Pearl Rocks!

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