Pearl Export Select Shell Kit, Pearl Drum Rack, 20 extra heads

by Sean

5 Piece Pearl Export Select Fusion Shell Kit (22x18 Kick, 8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 14x12 Toms) Amber Mist Polished Lacquer Finish; 7-Ply 7.5 mm 100% Poplar Shells; Wood hoops on bass drum; I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension System) Tom Mounts. Toms fitted with Evans Genera G2 clear heads and Attack 1 ply medium bottoms. Kick drum fitted with Attack 1 ply No Overtones beater head. Minimal scratches/wear. This was the 1st release of the upgraded/rehauled Export line. Rather than plastic/vinyl wraps, they introduced wood grain lacquer finishes. Rather than tom arms penetrating the shell, they began using the I.S.S. mounts on the hoops. Virgin shells have more sustain, less interference. Also wood hoops were used on the bass drums.

I'm the original owner of this kit. I bought the kick, 10", 12", and 14" toms in 1998, however I special ordered the 8" tom a couple years later. All pieces came directly from Pearl's headquarters in Nashville. They never sat in a store's showroom or warehouse. I've taken very good care of this kit and am reluctant to let it go.

I also have a 3 section Pearl DR-80 drum rack, 6 clamps, additional tom arms, and an additional 20 lightly-used drum heads to achieve some different sounds on this kit. Remo, Aquarian, Evans, etc.

Make me a reasonable offer. Thanks.

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