Pearl Forum Drum Set

Pearl Drums are known for their quality in drum making. They have a great line of drums ranging from the Pearl Forum all the way to the Pearl Masters and Reference series. It goes for the total beginner to the money making professional.

The Pearl forum is made with the beginner and intermediate drummer in mind. This brand is played by many big named drummers such as Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stanley Randolph from Stevie Wonder and many many more.

Pearl is know for its hardware quality. Their cymbal stands, drum pedals and throne are strong. In the Forum's line of hardware their hardware is really good for its price range. The sound is REALLY nice. I had a friend who just bought one and I was quite amazed by the way the toms sang!

Pearl Drums Forum is one of the top recommendations for any beginner drummer or intermediate drummer. It sounds great at home and it will sound great being used in a band outside. You can check out other beginner drum sets and compare.

Pearl Drums Overdeliver!

Another thing that Pearl does is it over delivers. When Drum Makers came out with the beginner drum set, Pearl came out with the Pearl Forum drum set, and in comparison it was EXCELLENT. That's why it's popularity among drummers grew so fast! When they discontinued their intermediate drum set which was called Pearl Export , they had to come out with something better and they did! That today is the Pearl Vision series which I play, and... it... is ...STINKIN' AMAZING!! Hands Down!

For a good drum set you need quality. That is what pearl does, they give you quality, they don't just push out a "beginner drum set" and try to dupe you as the beginner drummer into thinking that their drum set is good.

If your into the next step up in Pearls line of drum sets, then please by all means check out their excellent Pearl Vision Series.

They go the distance and put quality and great sound into their drums.

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