Pearl Limited Edition Vintage Sensitone 14x6.5"

by Duayne Sanford

1 of 15 ever made!


Part vintage and part modern, this PEARL Limited Edition Vintage Sensitone snare drum is an excellent all-purpose snare, quite capable of nuanced playing as well as hard rocking, rim-shotting power. Built around a 6-1/2 in depth, beaded 1.5mm thick brass shell, this snare drum is almost identical to the well-known Steve Ferrone signature model. A beaded shell is a design used in many of the best metal shell snares. The bead around the center of the drum maximizes the stiffness and perfect roundness of the drum shell and focuses the tonal response. The drum is fitted with the SuperHoop II drum hoops, made of 2.3mm steel, beautifully chrome-plated, triple-flanged, engraved with the SuperHoop II logo and immensely strong. SuperHoop II hoops also provide perfect tuning alignment.The brass shell is finished in the great-looking Black Nickel Plating and the drum lugs are the stylish and vintage-style tube lugs (10 dual lugs) that place very little contact with the drum shell, allowing it to respond and resonate freely and the smooth and precise stainless steel tension rods are used here, as well! The sound of the drum unmuffled is ringy and wet with lots of sweet, brassy sustain but a little bit of muffling will create a loud and fat backbeat


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