by Stewart Nicol

Pearl Professional DLX Series 12x10 and 13x12 Rack Toms, 16x16 Floor Tom, 22x18 Bass in dark grey. 7-ply Maple/Birch laminated shells.

Pearl 1980's Jeff Porcaro drum rack with 9 fittings. The original drum rack designed by the Toto drummer. Heavy-duty aluminium extrusions. This rack stays exactly where you put it!

7 Cymbals, Zildjian/Sabian/Paiste, Ice bell + 14" HiHats + Cowbell.

1960s Vintage Ludwig 14x4 Eddie Ryan Custom Snare - this snare is incredible! I have an Evans Kevlar batter head on and the feel, response and sound is amazing.

Premier 70s HiHat stand - I have never found anything better - never moves - on any surface!

All stands and hardware.

I have played this kit professionally across the UK/Europe since 1988 and it has been a pure pleasure to own. Kit is in great condition. Offers considered.

Click on link to hear this kit (raw sound from an iPhone)

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