The Pearl Vision Is An Excellent Drum Set

The pearl vision drum set was created by Pearl as a way of combining the now discontinued Pearl Export, export select series and the Pearl Session series kit. That makes this drum set an amazing drum set!

These mid range level kits usually come with hardware only and no cymbals.You can order just the drums shells themselves also. These kits can be made from a mix of birch and basswood, these are two good quality woods.

You can also get the vision in maple.

Great Qualities Of The Vision Drum Set

The Vision Kit is equipped to take over the old Pearl Drum Sets, so this kit comes with...

* Strong Pearl P-900 Hardware(If included)

* Beautiful Finishes-Strata Red, Strata Black, Gold

* Great Sounding wood shells: Birch, Basswood, Maple

This drum set is a great mid range drum set. It sounds good! I know because I own one! If you are looking for a good intermediate drum set, this one has it all. It fills the gap between Pearls Beginner Drum set(The Forum)and Pearls Professional drum set the (Pearl Masters series). It does an excellent job at bridging that gap!

I personally own a Vision set, and I love, love, love it! The hardware is from the Pearl 900 series which is double braced, strong and sturdy. The boom cymbal can convert into a straight stand and the bass pedal is smooth.

I wouldn't know what else there is to say about this drum set except that it would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good quality gigging drum set. The sound on this is awesome!

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