Percussion Plus Drum Set

A percussion plus drum set is a good drum set for a beginner drummer. This drum set brand is also one of the drum sets that are good for Kid Drummers.

Percussion plus sets have basic hardware which is stock for a beginner drum set. My Favorite and MOST prescribed beginner drum set is the Pearl Forum because of its quality. With Pearl, you get everything, quality AND sound.

Many people search for the perfect beginner drum set. Make sure that when you are searching, that you have good look around, there are many GOOD CHEAP drum sets out there.

percussion plus drum set

Percussion Plus Qualities

Percussion Plus Drums are good for beginners because they have:

* Cheap prices

* Good hardware

* Simple wood shells

* Stock drum cymbals

* Offer kids drum sets

You will need to...or should I say HAVE to swap out the drum cymbals in the future. Believe me, as your drumming talent grows, so will your taste in drum cymbals.

percussion plus drum set for kids

Percussion Kids Drum Sets

Percussion plus also offers a really cute KIDS drum sets. These are for the very young drummers usually between the ages of 3-7. It IS NOT a complete kids drum set, if you want a complete, REAL kids drum set, you can see something like the Union kids Junior set.

Kids drum sets are great for young kids who want to really learn how to drum. It is better to get them an instrument that FITS them so that they don't have strain put on them. Getting a child started on an instrument at a young age is a good thing to do!

If you have a TODDLER that wants to drum then the different drums for toddlers will suite your needs better. They will enjoy starting off with a toy drum set.

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