Professional Quality Drum Set - $2,900

by Raymond Chenault
(Humble, TX 77396)

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute professional 5-piece drum shell set – Sea Blue vintage finish: 10x9 Tom, 12x10 Tom, 14x12 Tom, 16x14 Tom and 18x22 Bass. Toms feature YESS mounts and Bass drum. Like new, rarely used and never gigged. Stored in covers since 2004. Hand constructed in Japan, discontinued Maple Custom Absolute provides maximum resonance with rich overtones and was Yamaha’s top-of-the-line. Includes: Yamaha bass drum-mounted tom/cymbal holder; Yamaha heavy duty floor tom/cymbal holder with cymbal boom; Yamaha FP 9310 Flying Dragon Double Chain Drive Foot Pedal with gig bag; Tama Iron Cobra heavy duty hi-hat stand; two (2) Tama heavy duty cymbal stands; drum key; Remo heads; Levy’s deluxe padded carrying bags; Kaces III wheeled hardware bag; Sound-Off silencer pads. $2,900.

Cymbals sold separately.

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