Really Cheap Drum Sets

Looking for really cheap drum sets can be a bit hard so I have compiled a list of the cheapest drum sets that I have found out there in the music market. These are as cheap as they get, and unless you're able to find an amazing deal on a used drum set, this is pretty much where the buck stops.

If you do go looking for used drum sets make sure that you know what to look out for so you don't get ripped off. The list that I have compiled come from a bit of experience and knowledge that I have of the product. You don't want a drum set that will fall apart on you soon after you buy it. Drum Set choices on the right side column are some of the most popular and are also very cheap.

Characteristics of a bad cheap drum set consist of easily broken cymbal stands, drum thrones that won't keep in place, bass pedals that break super easily, hi hat stands that slip and trashy cymbals, Not to mention, horrible drum shell sound as well. So it's important to look for cheap drum sets but to also look out for the quality of the drum set itself.

Top choices In Popular Cheap Drum Sets

really cheap drum sets

This is a Sound Percussion drum set. Sound percussion is great with their prices and not too bad with their quality and hardware.

really cheap drum sets

Here is a Sound percussion pro. It is a bit more upgraded then the regular sound percussion. Look at the tom holders on this one.

really cheap drum sets

This one is Pdp from the awesome line of DW drums. I like this one, it has good hardware on it.

really cheap drum sets

Here is another one from SP. Here again you have pretty good hardware. It's much better then a Sunlite drum set for sure.

really cheap drum sets

This one is Ddrum. I like Ddrum for its style. It has good hardware as well. These drum sets can last you through your beginner drumming years.

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