Semi Professional Drum sets

I love semi professional drum sets mostly because they bridge the gap from a beginner drum set to the professional drum set. Meaning...they sound great! You should get one if you are playing for a band, playing for crowds, or if you want a really good drum set that will last long and sound good.

Semi Professional Drum Sets Have

* Upgraded wood to woods like Birch, Maple, Basswood

* Upgraded hardware on the drum pedal, cymbal stands, snare stand and hi-hat stand drilled into the toms)

* Nicer wraps and drum shell finishes

* Usually doesn't come with Drum cymbals

* Great for gigs that you get paid for

Popular Drum Sets

Here I have listed a bunch of semi professional drum sets. The kinds that are way better then the beginner drum sets! They sound much better, are made with better wood, and are made by top notch brands.

pearl drum set 1

This one is a Pearl VSX drum set. I personally own this one. To me, Pearl always over delivers. The sound is great, the hardware is super good and my drum teacher actually prefers this set over his Pearl Reference set, and that is just down right amazing!

Semi professional drum set 4

This one is a Yamaha Stage Custom. I like Yamaha drum sets to. I forgot which one I actually tried out, all I knew is it was a semi professional set. The sound and looks were beautiful, and it sounded great outdoors where we used it.

People were practically "ooohing and ahhhing" at the looks and the sound, it was pretty cool.

Semi professional drum set 5

This one is a Tama Super Star. I played on a Tama set for awhile. This one is up there in sound and quality for sure. It has super strong hardware, so this one I find, is great for outdoors and strong players.

This one is a Pacific drums FS series. Everyone knows DW makes Pdp and DW is absolutely trustworthy with their drums. I haven't had a chance to play this one yet...but I WILL! Just by studying the picture you can tell it's hardware. This one is sturdy for sure!

This one is by Sonor. One famous drummer named Thomas Lang plays Sonor. This set is also one that I haven't tried out yet...but I WILL! My dream drum set is a Sonor Delight!

This drum set like all the rest I have mentioned, will bridge the gap for you in Sound and Quality for Sure! So no worries!

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