A Small Drum Set Might Be Just What You Need

A small drum set can help us out in many different ways. Smaller sets do the same thing as bigger drum sets, the only difference is shell size. Shell size does not affect a drummers playing or learning. Getting a smaller more compact sized drum set has its benefits:

* Saving Space in the house/car

* Moving around to do gigs

* Kid drummers

* Lighter in weight

* Can be a bit cheaper in price

So whether you are looking into a smaller drum set for doing gigs, saving space or for your kid wanting to play the drums, I have listed some smaller drum sets here!

Fusion drum sets are also smaller drum sets.

Here are some drum sets that are small and compact

small drum set

This is a Pearl Ryhthm Traveler drum set. This one is so compact and small it's pretty cool. I tried this out at our music store. I'd say it's great for moving around. It's also got good hardware on it. Very good for traveling in my opinion.

small drum set

This one is a Yamaha Manu Katche Signature Jr. Drum Set Black . This one is a bit more higher in price but I find that it is also great for toting around or saving space. Great for jazz! Kids can play on this...if you let them!

This one is a Pulse kids drum set.This is a popular Kids Drum Set for ages 3-8. It is small and compact but is useful ONLY to young kids because of the way it is made. Adults would easily break its hardware which wouldn't be so nice.

Learn some more about Kids Drum Sets!

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