Sonar Drums -A Reliable Brand

Sonar Drums are played by some the worlds top leading drummers like Thomas Lang, Chris Coleman, Steve Smith and many others. Sonor is a brand of drums that come from Germany.

They are German Engineered. Its construction is reliable and their levels can range from the very beginner drummer all the way to the very seasoned professional who does super professional gigs!

Sonar drums give off great beginner drum sets to start with. Its hardware is good and sturdy and the price range for it is perfect. If you want something cheaper like a sunlite drum set you will "feel the pain" with the horrible quality that comes with it.

If you are a beginner drummer or someone who is on a budget, the Sonor 507s are a good choice. If you are an intermediate player the 2007's are great and if you are looking for a pro set that has amazing sound and great hardware the 3007s are what you'd be looking for.

Drums Made In Germany!!

Learn more about Sonor Drums if you are unsure about which drum set to go with.

Sonor is played by the greats. Thomas Lang, the drummer who came up the amazing dvd called "creative control," plays Sonor. He is the reason why I got interested in Sonor in the first place. Sonor is made from Germany and many, many things that come out of Germany have excellent qualities, just look at their cars!

German Cars Rock...German Drums ROCK To!

The Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagon, BMW and the Porche are all German made cars! That should push a point across all on its own...

If Sonor doesn't "tickle your fancy" you can always go with the other TOP name brands out there like Pearl Drums, Ludwig Drums or other great Beginner Drum Sets .

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