Sonor Drums -A Popular Brand!

Sonor drums are one of the best drum sets out there. It's a brand from in Germany! Famous drummers like Thomas Lang play Sonor.

This brand comes with quality in their sound and in their hardware just like Pearl drum sets do.

Sonor was created from a man name Johannes Link. He started out creating drums and drum heads for the military in East Germany but his workshop slowly grew into what it is today.

The brand Sonor was trademarked in 1907.

Some of Sonor's qualities are that it is fair in its pricing, great in its hardware and great in its sound. It is up there with other popular drum brands like Pearl, Yamaha, Tama etc. They also make excellent beginner drum sets for those drummers who are just looking to start up!

Types of Drum Sets from Sonor

Like with all drum sets, the more higher up you go the better the hardware quality and sound. The good thing about Sonor is that the hardware is great even on the beginner drum sets. They don't sell you cheap hardware or bad sounding drums. They live up to their name.

These are recommended quality drum sets but sometimes we are more price worried than quality worried. If that's the case then some really good cheap drum sets might be what you need to look at.

Like other drum sets, Sonor offers great hardware, sound quality and a good name. If you are interested in a drum set that will not let you down, Sonor is one of those drum sets to go with.

They have a variety of beginner to professional drum sets.

Here is their line up!

Beginner drum sets- Sonor Force 507

Intermediate drum sets- Sonor Essential Force series, Sonor 1007, Sonor 2007

Professional drum sets- Sonor Prolite series

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