Sound Shapes - Great For All Ages

Sound shapes are shapes for kids to drum on. It encourages the learning of the shapes as well as music! If you have a baby or a very young child that wants to learn percussion, these shapes can be a way to go.

If you want them to start directly on the drums and they are at least 3 years old and above then a Kids Drum Sets is what they would need.

Benefits of Sound Shapes

For Young Children, Shapes With Sound Can:

* Help Teach shapes to a young child

* Help with their Gross Motor Skills

* Help them learn rhythm patterns with different sounds

Activities To Play With These Musical Shapes!

Here are some FUN activities that you could play with your child and these shapes!

1. Have them hit their shapes to the beat of their favorite poem!

2. Have them hit their shapes to the beat of their favorite song or nursery rhyme!

3. Create and play story games with the shapes. Every time the shape is mentioned, have the child hit the correct shape!

4. Create a story game that includes sound! For example, a giant walking would be" Loud hits," An ant walking would be " soft hits," Rain pouring would be " Loud fast hits," Rain pattering would be "Soft fast hits." Create a story where you child will make these sounds and these rhythmic patterns! If your child is really young, you can help them pat along!

These percussion shapes can be the next step to learning how to play the drums! If you feel that your child is a bit to old for these and you want a real drum set, There are Kids Drum Sets, Toy Drum Sets as well as Youth Drum Sets that you can choose from! If you need help with picking, just contact me! I would be glad to help!

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