Starter Drum Kit

As a beginner drummer, getting a good starter drum kit is a good idea because you save money as well as get the opportunity to try learning how to play the drums.

Over my years of drumming I have found drum sets that are good and affordable for beginners. Here I have listed some of the drum sets that I think will help get you the start you need!

Getting a Beginner Drum Set can benefit you in these ways:

* Saves you money

* Will help get you started on your drumming journey

* Gives you everything a beginning drummer needs

Great Starter Drum Kits

I will highlight the Good Qualities that I found each of these drum sets have! Keep an eye out for the drum sets that have FREE drum cymbals!

starter drum kit

This is a Pearl Sound Check . The qualities of the Pearl Sound Check are:

* Good Hardware-Pedals, Stands and Throne

* Nice Sound- Good shell quality

* Comes with FREE drum cymbals

This one is a Pulse Pro Drum Set. The qualities of the Pulse Pro Drum Set are:

* Really Good Hardware-Stands, Throne, Bass Pedal

* Really Good Shells- This one is maple

* Really Nice Shell Wrap Finishes

Starter drum kit

This is a PDP Z5 . PDP is from the line of DW! The qualities that this set has are:

* Really Affordable price

* Standard hardware( probably will need replacing quicker then a stronger set of hardware would after constant use)

* Comes with FREE drum cymbals

starter drum kit

This one is a Ludwig Accent Drum Set. Qualities of the Lugwig Accent Are:

* Good hardware

* Nice sound-Good Shells

starter drum kit

This one is Ddrum D2 Drum Set. Qualities of the Ddrum D2 Drum Set are:

* Good hardware

* Good sound- Good Shells

* Cool finishes-Wrap designs

* FREE drum sticks and FREE drum cymbals

starter drum kit

This one is Sound Percussion 4 Piece Drum Kit .

Sound Percussion Qualities are:

* VERY Nice low price

* Stock hardware

starter drum kit

This one is a Tama Swingstar. The Tama Swingstar rocks because:

* Good hardware

* Good sound

* Trusted and well known brand

* FREE cymbals

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