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Here is your chance to get your very own personalized drum lesson for free. Maybe you have a favorite song but you don't know how to play the drums to it, or you have a certain drum beat that you would like to learn and you haven't found it online yet, maybe I can help.

You can use the form below to let me know what kind of drum lessons you want made suitable for you.

So Basically

* Pick a song that you want to drum to or a Drum Beat that you want to learn that is not already on and I will try to make you a special customized video for that free of charge.

Due to an increase in drum suggestions and requests, songs will take anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks

Your Drum Lesson Request

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Want me to break down the song by each verse and chorus, talk and explain as well as show you how it's done or can be done.
Just play the song live with no real tutorial.
Play along with the song live with the music and then without the music. No break down of the song and no explanation.

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Your opinions, feedback and requests will help me create better drum videos that will help you learn better.

Recent Drum Requests

How To Fix A "Lead" Foot on the Double Bass

Requested by: Frank

Tutorial on how to play: Green Day- "21 Guns"

Requested By: Ah

Tutorial on how to play: Green Day- "When September Ends"

Requested by: Ah

I play the song according to the way I taught it. Learn the beat with the Tutorial: When September Ends video and then try to play along like I did.

Kamelot-Knights of Arabia Drum Cover

Requested by Stephen

Bon Jovi-Living On A Prayer Drum Cover

Requested by: Kevin

World Behind My Wall Drum Cover+Tutorial

Requested by: Dhruv

"Kansas" The Devil Wears Prada Drum Cover- Requested By Kathleen

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