Sunlite Drum Set

sunlite drum set

I used to own a Sunlite drum set and to be quite honest the money costing flaws that I saw on it were:

* Super Cheap Hardware

* Toms don't sound good

* Wraps look cheap

* Super yucky sounding cymbals

There are way better drum sets that you can get for your money. I have posted other great drum sets other than the sunlite down below. Please take this from experience! Any of the drums on the right side of this page is also highly recommended as a starter drum set.

When I played this kit the first thing to break was the bass pedal, then the hi hat went out, the cymbal stand wouldn't hold well at all and cymbals sounded horrible! There are some really good Cheap drum sets out there that might fit your budget and they will help you more in your drumming journey.

I think that sunlite drums could be a good starter drum set for younger kids ages 6-12 but not really for adults. As a beginner drummer you need to get a drum set that will last you awhile without having your drum pedal break on you, your drum cymbals sounding like crap(literally), or having your toms sound so cheap.

sunlite drum set

Recommended Drum Sets

Drum sets that I would recommend in place of the sunlite set would be any drum set from Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, Yamaha or PDP. See my list of what I consider to be the best cheap drum sets. Those are well known brands that will take very good care of you. I know play a Pearl Vision and it sounds great! More than just night and day difference its like galaxy to galaxy different!

I honestly would not/could not recommend getting a sunlite for a starter drum set. It's just not worth it because it will break down quicker then usual and that's not something you need. I don't know if it's made in China or what but its horrible.

There are great Beginner Drum Sets that are just a tiny bit more cash wise.

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