Tama 5-Piece Imperial Star Acoustic 1600.00$ OBO

by James Alfred
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Right out of the box

Right out of the box

Right out of the box Full-Kit Mapex Double Pedals Smaller version

BRAND New Tama 5-Piece Imperial Star Acoustic Drumset.

There is absolutely no marks, scratches or gouges. In perfect condition. Owned smoke free home for 5 months,
Cymbals have been cleaned and polished since I took pics.
Just the same as straight out of the factory and built on.
(First image was when it came in mail as 6-piece)


- Kit finish is Hairline Blue
-100% poplar 6-ply/7.5mm shells
-Precise bearing edges
-100% glued finishes
-Original small lugs
-Tama Drum heads
-Accu-tune bass drum hoops
-Spur brackets
-Tom holder and brackets
-22 x 18" Kick Drum
-10 x 8 and 12 x 9" Toms
-14 x 12 Floor Toms
-14 x 5-1/2" Snare Drum

Cymbals (Xs20's ARE BRAND NEW):
-Sabian Xs20 14" High-Hats
-Sabian Xs20 14" Thin Crash
-Sabian Xs20 16" Crash
-Sabian Xs20 20" Medium Ride
-Meinl HCS 14" Crash
-Sabian PRO B8 16" China
-Sabian 7" Alu-Bell (70$)

-Double Tom Holder
-Boom Cymbal Stand
-Straight Cymbal Stand
-Snare Stand
-Hi-Hat Stand
-Tama Drum Throne
-Mapex Mars Double Pedal
-Tama Iron Cobra 200 single kick pedal (BRAND NEW NEVER TOUCHED)

-5 Pairs of Drumsticks
-2 Tuning Keys
-Two Cymbal Arm Extenders (Max 14" cymbals)
-One Small cymbal add on
-New kickport
-Spare Used Heads

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my AD, I also have TONS of live and recording equipment for sale.
I hope to hear from you.


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