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Tko drums have different drums for different ages. The cool thing is that they offer kids drum sets. I would recommend TKO kits for kids or for drummers who are on a tight budget. The PROS of TKO is that they sell good kids drum sets, there drums are cheap, they have good finishes and good basic hardware. The CONS would be that the cymbals are horrible, and the drum shells don't sound that good.

If you are looking for a drum set for kids ages 3-6, then a good solid, Kids Drum Set is what you will need!

TKO For Kids

TKO creates kids drum sets. This is especially good if you have a young child who is interested in playing the drums. It is really important to get a child a full real kids drum set because with a kids set, they can reach all of the different parts and they learn all of the different drum parts.

This drum set is an adorable cop out of the real thing. It's a mini me of a standard sized set made for 3-6 year old's just like the professional kids drum set, the a Ludwig Kids Drum Set.

This set is perfect for the reaching capabilities of a young child. They play with smaller drum sticks, need a smaller drum throne etc.

TKO For Youth and Adults

If you are a beginner drummer or a drummer that is looking for one of the CHEAPEST drum sets possible, then TKO is your choice. These kits will get you from the beginner level to the intermediate level. These drum sets are not so bad in terms of their quality and sound.

I got a Sunlite drum set as my beginner drum set and that drum sets hardware was horrible. TKO gives off pretty good hardware.

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