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A toddler usually ranging from the ages of 1 1/2 to 4, can learn how to play the drums and a toddler drum set may be what they need to start off.

Young children learn fast and it can be beneficial to learn an instrument at a young age, so getting them a Real Kids Drum Set Real Kids Drum Set would be a great idea.

I highly recommend a real kids drum set for ages 3+.

3-4 year old's

At this stage you can choose between giving them a Toy drum set or a Union 3 pc. Junior Child Kids Drum Set

which is a great starter set for them.

1 1/2 to 2 year olds

I would recommend giving them a One Piece Drum to hit for the sake of simplicity. You can also give them some Sound Shapes to experiment with.

* You can sing them their favorite mother goose poem, or rhyme and have them hit along with their drum!

At this musical stage in their life, the very young kids needs to get familiar with rhythm and patterns in music. You can help them accomplish this by having them clap to their favorite songs, or you can do things like "patty-cake-patty-cake" with them. The little ones love that!

This is a great start because they don't have the complete gross motor movements down like a 3-4 year old would have.

Something simple like one piece drums can be helpful or like the fourth drum on the right column. Use these when your child is able to hold onto a stick. Something from Little Tikes will do the job. Let them experiment and get the hang of the drum stick in their hand.

Drumming at this age will help their gross motor skills( using the larger muscles like swinging their arms, walking, running etc) as well as their fine motor skills(using their fingers).

If you feel that they are serious enough about this or if the drums are something that you really want them to pick up then I would say go ahead and get them a real kids drum set, a GP kids drum set like what's shown on the side or a First Act Drum Set would be a great starter set.

The best kids drum sets and/or toddler drum sets out there in my opinion would be the GP drum sets and Ludwig Kids drum set. These little drums are a complete replica of what a real drum set looks like. I think that is really cool. These are made for the age range of around 3-7 years old.

The First Act drum set would be the next best choice. They make great kids drum sets.

I Am Creating A Very Unique Kids Drumming DVD-Coming Soon!

This DVD is called " Start-Drumming For KiDz" and its for ages 5+. I will be using Colors and Pictures which is exactly what a young child would need to learn the drums! I break the drums down into a very very understandable level where even a 4 year old can get it(No Joke, My 4 year old niece figured it out without me leading her on with questions)...:D

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