Toy Drum Set

A toy drum set is a toy version of a real kids drum set. A real kids set has all of the necessary parts but a toy set is a good way to test and see if your little one is really interested in playing drums.

When they get older like around 3-9 it would be a wise decision to get them a real drum set.

Drumming to little kids seems intriguing and very interesting. The cool thing about it is that learning to drum at a young age can be the start of a very good discipline, that is, getting into music! With music you exercise a concentrated mind, a willing attitude and an attitude that is willing to learn more to get better. Starting off young is a great thing!

Does your little one seem interested in banging around on things, taking chop sticks or any sticks for that matter and hit things with it or does he/she even point to the drummer at church and say " Look mama, drums!"? These are all classic signs of a child who may want to learn the drums and it be a great idea to experiment on the idea by getting them something real to bang around on.

If they are between the ages of 6 month-3 years, a toy drum set might be the thing that they need at the moment. In the future( ages 3+), when your child is just a bit more mature and you still find them interested in the drums, it is highly recommended to get them a Real Kids Drum Sets.

When a child is young like between the ages of 0-3 years old, you can't exactly just throw them on a drum set if you know what I mean. Three year old's, yes you can, on a Toddlers drum set, but for babies it is better to get them to started on toy drums. Give them a taste for music and rhythm. Here are some things to help wet the babies taste buds.

Great Toy Drums

This is a toy drum set I would say for the ages of 2-3 years old. It's a good starter to see if your child would be interested in the future for a real kids drum set.

Here is an educational drum that is good for 1 1/2 year old's and up. It teaches alphabets as well as rhythm. If you are going to use this on a child younger than 3, parental assistance is needed because it has small parts.

Here is another one from LeapFrog. It is a "learn and groove" kids music table. It's another way to introduce young kids into percussion and rhythm.

These are great starter toys to help get your baby and toddler interested in music. When the reach the ages of 3 and above you can look into getting them a real Kids Drum Set. For now it is good that you're giving your child something to hit in the world of drums! Who knows, it could be the beginning of a future drummer!

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