Used Drum Sets

Used sets of drums are pretty cool in terms of trying to save money, but there are things that you should watch out for. Things like quality, value, missing parts, amount of drums etc. The good thing is that here on Start Drumming, we have many drummers who have put up some of their USED DRUMS FOR SALE so you can feel free to check them out.

If you're looking for used drum sets here are things to watch out for so that you don't get DUPED into buying an incomplete drum set!

I have seen too many people tricked into buying a used set for too high of a price, and they end up finding out that the set is missing parts or is incomplete.

Keep your eyes open for a good deal on a drum set but also make sure that you know enough about the drums to not get ripped off.

Tips To Buying A Drum Set That Is Used

Fortunately, we sell some used drum sets here on start Here are some used or Previously Owned Drum Sets that other drummers posted, you can review and comment on them!

Sometimes getting a brand new Cheap Drum Set is a better idea for some people because It saves time and headaches that you could get if you purchase an incomplete drum set. If you have purchased a used incomplete set you will most likely end up spending more on getting the things that you are missing! I don't want that happening to you.

Detailed Tips For Buying Used Sets!

Make sure the used drum set comes with...

1.) Drum throne(seat)(optional, you can get a cheap one for about $30+)

2.) Drum heads that are not torn, or duck taped(A new set of drum heads will cost around $40+)

3.) Make sure that the Tom Toms can be held in place properly with its own hardware, by the tom arms. As in, if you see that the tom toms can't hold themselves and are slipping, sliding back and forth too easily and cannot be tightened, there is a good chance it's missing screws or hardware of some sort.

4.) All of the screws to hold the drum heads and snare drum head in place should be there.

5.) Working bass pedals and hi-hat pedals.

6.) The drum set can hold itself up and in place all by itself with no help without rocking side to side. Push on the tom toms and bass drum. Check to see that the 2 bass drum legs are there.

7.) If there is a floor tom check to see that all 3 legs are there and that it can stand on its own!

8.) Snare drum stand is present and able to hold the snare in place.

... See why I say that a good quality cheap drum set might just be a better, easier, less brain breaking choice for you?

NOTE!! When it comes to screws, floor tom legs, tom tom rings, Don't let any body tell you that it's easy to find or cheap to buy, Because as a beginner drummer you Don't need these kind of headaches! If you see the set missing those kind of parts ESPECIALLY screws, tom tom legs and/or tom tom rings tell them to have a good day, go online and buy a cheap brand new starter drum set for around that comes complete for around $299. This will save you time, money and headaches.

Learn what to look out for with a used drum set.

Make sure all the screws are in the tom tom holes. The number of screw holes may vary just make sure all are accounted for! This accounts for ALL the drums! The tom toms, the floor tom and the snare drum!

Make sure the (3)-Floor Tom Legs are there! And their screws! Make sure it can stand up all on its own!

Make sure these arms are able to hold the Tom Toms in place! Push the toms back and forth and check to see if you can tighten and loosen the screws that hold them in place! Design of tom arms may differ but they do the same job! Check to see if it holds properly!

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