Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Vic Firth Drum Sticks are great drum sticks.They are durable and come in many different sizes. Vic Firth is a popular old time drummer whose sticks have become so popular almost every drummer has either had a pair, has a pair or knows the brand! I only play Vic Firth.

If you want durable sticks that will last Vic Firth is one of the ways to go. They make their sticks using good woods like Hickory and Maple. They also make their sticks for all sorts of music like jazz, funk, drum corp etc.

Learn how to choose the right drum sticks for you, it's important.

Popular Vic Firth Sticks

Here are some popular hot Vic Firth Sticks that people get for drumming to music like Funk, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Latin etc. If you have small hands or play medium heavy music, sizes like 5A may do well for you. If you play heavy music, sizes like 5B may be a better fit for you. So, choose well!

Picking drum sticks is important because it can affect your playing. If you are more of a heavy metal player, try out some sticks from brands like Ahead or Vater. If you play regular styled music that is not too heavy then these sticks that I just mentioned above are GREAT!

I didn't post any "Heavy Hitter" sticks up on this page.If you are a heavy hitter click the heavy hitter link and scroll down to #2. If you are a "medium hitter" you can choose from these Vic firth sticks or you can check out some other popular drum stick brands.

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