by Wayne
(Alex, VA)

Hi Laura-

People get pretty uptight when we profess our faith on the SBI forums-when others' believe other "non-christian" goal setting and personal development resources are just as effective-which I/we disagree but anyway....

Re. linking, the only page that I think would make sense would be on your page: "how to play drums". According to MKW is 2534; 518 supply, very good key word you've picked. Since you already have this page developed, all you would need to do would be to state something like this in your block builder template:

With anything in life you want to accomplish, you just need to develop the self motivation and the self discipline to accomplish your drum playing goals.

Two of my key words are self discipline and self motivation which would tie in nicely in your site that you can link directly to my site, The above paragraph you could copy and paste as is at the beginning of your how to play drums page.

As I mentioned, I plan on developing a music page on my site. I played clarinet all through high school and play in our church praise band so music is important to me and I will be developing a page on music and will link direclty to your drum playing site. I hope to have gthe page completed this weekend and will let you know exaclty on my page where your link is.



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